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The Valentine’s Day season is coming soon!

This year, TOUS les JOURS is presenting the most adorable cakes for you to share with your loved ones.

Our special seasonal cakes include but not limited to:

  • Be My Valentine Cake: 4-layer white and strawberry sheet cake covered in smooth buttercream, sprinkled with mini heart deco on top
  • White Glaze Cake: 4 layer cocoa cake covered in white chocolate glaze. A perfect option if you’re looking something more elegant and fancy
  • Pink Glaze Cake: 4 layer strawberry cake covered in pink cream glaze. A perfect option if you’re looking something more cute and pretty
  • Raspberry Mousse Cake: Sweet raspberry mousse cake topped with whipped cream and raspberry powder
  • Heart Macaron: Heart-shaped macaron filled with raspberry jam. Perfectly shaped for  Valentine’s Day
  • Sour Smooches Gummies: Sour gummy lips in a mixed flavor of  cherry, watermelon, and strawberry
  • You Make Me Melt Chocolate Balls: Sea salt caramel bites with a rich dark chocolate coating
  • Tiny Tart Beats Gummies: Mini gummy hearts with a sweet-tart fruity flavor


Call your TLJ store now to reserve your cake!


*product availability might vary by store