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TOUS les JOURS flagship Cerritos store is now introducing
Online Store (Beverage Only)

Order our special beverage menu ahead and skip the line
at the store!

Our featured menu includes but not limited to:

Cold Brew Tonic 🧊
Refreshing cold brew mixed with tonic water and rose syrup

Sparkling Lemonade 🍋
TLJ’s special fizzy, sparkling lemonade

Iced Chocolate 🍫
A cup of luscious, indulgent, and full-bodied chocolate on the rocks

Check out the menu and schedule for a pick-up!

*Only at Cerritos flagship location

TOUS les JOURS Cerritos Branch
📍13359 South St. Cerritos, CA 90703
⏰ Mon-Sun 8am to 8pm