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Happy Valentine’s Day!

TOUS les JOURS is offering seasonal desserts
for the sweetest season of all.

The products will be available at stores starting from the first week of February, and you can pre-order yours!

Our seasonal main products are:

Strawberry Dream 💗
Limited time only strawberry cream cheese mousse made with premium sugared strawberries

My Valentine 💗
Pretty in pink – 4 mixed layers of red velvet and confetti sheets

Love Marshmallow 💗
Cutest chocolate cake with a layer of marshmallow and chocolate ganache cream!

Blooming Berry 💗
Bouquet of strawberries on top of one of our steady seller – Vanilla Choco Mousse

Triple Berry Cloud 💗
Delicious cloud cream cake with 3 different types of berries and white sheets

Call your store and reserve yours before they get sold out!

*available only at participating stores
*product availability may vary by store