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One of our favorite seasons is coming soon!

Celebrate this Mother’s Day with specially made cake.
If baking cake at home isn’t working out for you,
leave it to the expert!

This season we have amazing, delicate cakes made just for all the moms who support and love us.

Mother’s Day Cake List

Earl Grey Lavender: 4 layers of earl grey cake covered in lavender infused earl grey cream, topped with fresh berries.

Black Sesame Cake: 4 layers of black sesame cake covered in nutty black sesame cream. Topped with walnut pieces for perfection.

Marble-ous Mom: 2 layers of red velvet cake and 2 layers of white cake covered in pink&white chocolate glazed marble.

Raspberry Garden Mousse: 2 layers of light and sweet raspberry mousse with green tea cakes, topped with TLJ’s whipped cream.

Roses For Mom: 4 layers of white cake covered in smooth buttercream and decorated with pink buttercream flowers

Call your store to reserve your cake before it gets sold out!

*product availability may vary by store