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Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Introducing our Mooncake Gift Box

Celebrate the upcoming holiday, one of the biggest holidays of this fall, the Mid-Autumn Festival!

TOUS les JOURS is introducing a special seasonal gift item, so you can enjoy this holiday with some sweets 💛

This special season gift item comes with 4 different flavors:
🍂 Red bean, a classic smooth red bean mooncakes
🍂 Black Sesame, indulgent and nostalgic and delicious
🍂 Green Tea, a delicate green tea flavored soft cakes
🍂 Raspberry, a sweet raspberry flavored mooncakes
*In one gift box, there will be 8 mooncakes, 2 of each flavor

Visit or call your TLJ store to find out if they have them available!

*product availability varies by store