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Happy Happy Run for Christmas!🎄


For the upcoming holiday season, we’ve launched Christmas seasonal cakes that can make your holiday more special.

This year, TOUS les JOURS has collaborated with a famous mobile/online game, CookieRun Kingdom.


20 different special Christmas cakes featuring adorable decorations that can bring the holiday vibe to your day!


The seasonal cakes include but not limited to:


🎁 Cookies Kingdom 🎁

Chocolate whipped cake with white sponge and chocolate whipped cream, and the gingerbread man on top

🎁 Pink Blossom 🎁

Attention to every pink lovers! Pinky butter cream cake with chocolate sponge

🎁 Snow Mountain 🎁

Smiley snowy cookie is here! Whitey whipped cream cake with white sponge with strawberry whipped cream

🎁 Buche De Noel 🎁

Traditional French-style Christmas cake shaped like a log!  Chocolate sanded roll cake covered in rich chocolate cream

❄ Party Santa ❄

Santa is ready to party! Contains two different types of chocolate sponge and hazelnut buttercream

❄ Mocha Village ❄

Everyone’s favorite buttercream cake with mocha sponge and caramel glaze on top, finished with Santa’s house deco on top

♥ Christmas Choco Cloud ♥

Soft chocolate sponge cake with fresh berries, finished with chocolate cloud cream and ganache powder

♥ Christmas Cloud ♥

TLJ Signature cloud cream cake with white sheet, fresh berries and seasonal deco on top


*available only at participating stores
*product availability may vary by store