TOUS les JOURS gift card is available in the stores.
Share a happiness with others with our gift card

TOUS les JOURS card is a gift card welcome every TLJ stores. It’s a best way to give present to your friends, family and share TLJ products with everyone.

For now, gift card for $20 & $30 can only purchased in nearest TLJ stores in the United States to find a closest retail location to you, click store locator under LOCATION tab.
Currently, online purchasing is not available at TLJ.

You can use our gift card with very simple step:

  1. Visit any of our TLJ store
  2. Purchase $20 or $30
  3. Simply use your card at any of our TLJ products, at all TLJ stores.

You can use at all TLJ stores located in United States. To find nearest stores to you, click store locator under LOCATION tab.

We currently offer $20 and $30.

At this point, the card is not reloadable.

You can check your gift card balance at any of our TLJ stores. Checking through online is not available at this time.

No, when you purchase at store, the card will be automatically activated

Unfortunately, lost or stolen card can’t be re-made.
We do not have responsibility over lost or stolen card.
It is solely customer’s responsibility to take care of card after purchase.

To make a purchase in an amount greater than the available balance, you will have to pay rest of your additional amount. Once the gift card has used all balance, the card lost its value.

You can check at any TLJ stores for your gift card balance.
Our system will show WHERE did you used gift card with HOW MUCH amount you have purchased.
If you need to know specifically what item you have purchased, you will need to ask for details with your RECEIPT at the SAME store you have used your gift card.

No, this gift card is not refundable.